In the past, a cache was used to conceal valuable goods. The cache also served as a pantry where the most wonderful local products were found, reserved for special occasions.

This tradition inspired the founders of La cache à Maxime. Originally a vineyard, La cache à Maxime quickly became a high-end hotel estate bringing together a renowned restaurant of local cuisine, reception rooms, luxurious chalets, a contemporary hotel, a health center unique in Canada, the Noah Spa, and an agri-food shop.

La cache à Maxime was created in 2001. It was the year when the first vines were planted. At the very beginning, the only sections of La cache à Maxime that were built were the glass roof restaurant and the shop. The first extension of our country estate had to wait until 2003 when we added the bar and terrace section as well as two reception rooms (Bacchus and Maréchal). It was also this year that we produced our first wines (Les Deux Jarrets Noirs and Rosé de Maxime). It was in 2011 that the first phase of our chalets saw the light of day and the unique Noah Spa was officially opened. In 2012 we proceeded with the construction of the second phase of the chalets. In 2014, La cache à Maxime added another string to its bow by building a multifunctional room which is the Vandal. Also in 2014, we celebrated the opening of the hotel which offers 47 units with an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and absolute relaxation!

In 2022, major investments were made outside the hotel, where a small pond once stood. In fact, the new summer facilities - the swimming pool-beach, the waterfront terrace and the biergarten - are now in place! These facilities are such pleasant gathering places for a day out with the family or an aperitif with friends!